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2021/02/02 11:55

Exhibited at the Kyoto Virtual Design Fair with overseas buyers sponsored by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).



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Testu Itome-kannabe 鉄 糸目燗鍋

Iron pan with thin linear pattern used for warming sake

This is a cast-iron pan. Designed in the long-established traditional style, with modern elements incorporated in its handle and lid , this pan is suitable for both tea ceremony and everyday tableware.As only one casting is fabricated from one mold, each product has its own distinctive casting surface called hada (skin) which, unlike mass-produced items, changes in texture and becomes more attractive with the passing of time.The handle and lid, which were made by hammering the silver, create a fascinating contrast with the black cast-iron body.




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Nanryo Katakuchi-tyoushi 南鐐 片口銚子

Spouted sake server made of nanryo silver

A sake server made by hammering nanryo silver. Its shape is formed by beating silver with a metal hammer, and the hammer marks left on the surface add a warm look to its sharply defined profile. The handle is modeled after a pine needle , while the grip of the lid is shaped like a pine cone.Despite its small size, this product has a distinctive appeal, partly due to its resemblance to a fukura-suzume (plump sparrow), Japan’s traditional symbol of good luck.




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Yu-wakashi 湯沸


This is a cast-iron kettle. Produced by the same method as chagama, a kettle used in tea ceremony, each yu-wakashi kettle has its own distinctive textured surface created by the traditional hadauchi technique .The yu-wakashi kettle is designed by incorporating modern elements into the traditional chagama style. The round body, which requires special skills to make, the square opening , the handle made of mulberry wood, and the lid made of persimmon wood make this kettle a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. The grip of the lid is a porcelain bird. You can boil water by burning solid fuel inside the stand of the kettle. As the yu-wakashi kettle takes longer to boil than an electric pot, please enjoy the process of water being boiled slowly on the table. You can also put the yu-wakashi kettle directly on an induction cooktop to boil water.




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