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Greeting / Biography
ご挨拶 / 略歴

It has been 52years since I was born at 'KAMAYA'.Looking back , I have always spent my childhood at a workshop in Kyoto.Now as I have succeeded to take YOSHIHA the Third.I also have learned the importance of the words which is 'KAMA O KAKERU', and just started the long way to achieve my task.So I have struggled to find my own beauty, but I would like to produce the pieces which you have never seen before.They should be both traditional and precious ones,too.Then I am very glad if you feel a sense of closeness of metal tools. ( vase, pots kettle etc.)Appreciating your kind support.Thank you very much.

[A Brief Summary of Yoshiha Yohey]
1895_He was born in Shijo, Kyoto and named Kennosuke when he was a boy.
1906_The age of 12, he became an apprentice of Senke Jushoku Onishi's 13th at Kyoto, Sanjo.
1925_He was permited to set up a new branch of the family. The master ,Jocho gave the name of Yohey and became an independent of Kyoto Kama maker. Both Omotesennke and Urasennke ' master gave him 'OHAKOGAKI'(certificate)、and 'OKONOMIGAMA'(special order).
1972_When he reached his seventy-seventh birthday, He passed the name 'Yohey' to his son. He retired and introduced himself as Souyo.
1977_'Kyogama's essence', Kolinsha was written by him. He was also leading his heir, producing pieces.
1983_He exhibited the latest arts under the title 'Kyogama's Essence' at Takashimaya in Kyoto.
1986_He passed away the age of 91years old.

[Yoshiha Yohey Ⅱ (The second)]
1930_He was born at Yohey Ⅰ(The First)'s oldest son. (real name is MUNETOSHI).
1947_He started to train himself as Kama- maker.
1972_He succeeded to Yohey Ⅱ. He kept the traditional of Jirai-kyogama strictly, and put his heart and soul to create new arts.
1974_He held an exhibition of his succession at Yohey in Tokyo.
1975_He also held it in Kyoto.
1981_He held his first own gallery at Mitsukoshi main branch Dept. in Tokyo.
1984_He gave a lecture ' The culture from Kyogama' and held own gallery in Hiroshima.
1986_At Okayama, he gave a lecture ' Production of Kyogama and How to study'
1989_He held his own gallery at Mitsukoshi Dept.in Nagoya.
1990_He also held it in Kyoto.
1993_He gave a lecture 'Production of Kyogama and How to study them.' in Aichi Branch.
1995_He gave a lecture ' How did we started to make kyogama' at Summer college of Tea ceremony's circle.
2000_He gave a lecture 'Ashiya Tenmyou kyogama' at Summer college.
2002_He gave a regulary perfomence ' Kyogama etc,' at Omotesennke, kitayama Hall.
2005_He had his seventy-seventh birthday celebration' exhibition both Takashimaya Dept. in Kyoto and Mitsukoshi Dept. in Tokyo.
2008_He handed over the name of Yohey to his first son ,Masato, and named Souyo Ⅱ.
2017_He passed away the age of 86years old.

[Yoshiha Yohey Ⅲ (The third)]
1968_He was born as the first son of Yohey Ⅱ, (his real name is Masato)
1988_He has started his work with his grandfather and father.
1991_He graduated from Kyoto Art College ( Majoring Molding in Art), also became an apprentice to study art of tea ceremony under tea‐things merchant.
1994_He has been training himself under YoheiⅡ.
2008_He became Yohey Ⅲ(The third) He held his own gallery of his succession at Kyoto, Tokyo, Okayama, and various places.
2009_Published in the magazine "PEN" (published by CCC Media House). Since then, it has been featured in magazines and books.
2015_Participated in "Kyoto Contemporary Project" Exhibited at "Atelier de Paris Exhibition"
2016_Lecture at Omotesenke Domonkai Saitama Chapter "Citizen's Lecture on Tea Ceremony Culture"(Kawaguchi Comprehensive Cultural Center Lilia)
2018_MBS Mainichi Broadcasting System "Kyoto Chishin" # 88 appearance
2019_Exhibited at Shiseido Art House "Second Crafts for Us". Become a second member


[初代 吉羽與兵衛]
1895年 京都四条室町に生まれる 幼名 健之助
1906年 12歳にして京都三条釜座の千家十職大西家13代目浄長の門下に入る
1925年 大西家より別家を許される 師匠浄長より與兵衛の号を受け京釜師として独立 表千家様即中斎宗匠、裏千家淡々斎宗匠より御箱書及び御好の釜の御用を賜る 爾来京釜の伝統を守り各種展覧会に出品受賞し、技術保存優秀作家に指定も受ける
1972年 喜寿を期に長男宗敏に與兵衛を譲り、隠居名を惣與とする
1977年 著書「釜」光琳社 晩年の作品制作に意欲をもやし、又、後継者の指導、小作釜の鑑定研究にふける
1983年 「京釜の真髄」と題して、京都高島屋にて、米寿記念展を催し、最終晩年の作品を発表
1986年 91歳にて没す

[二代目 吉羽與兵衛]
1930年 初代 與兵衛の長男として生まれる 本名 宗敏
1947年 家業釜師の修行に入る
1972年 二代 與兵衛を襲名 爾来京釜の伝統を厳しく守り、新しい創造を求めて研究製作に打ち込む
1974年 東京にて與兵衛襲名記念展
1975年 京都にて與兵衛襲名記念展
1981年 東京日本橋三越本店にて第一回個展 爾来三年ごとに個展を催す
1984年 広島にて個展および文化講演会「京釜から見た茶の文化」
1986年 岡山にて個展および文化講演会「京釜の製作とその見方」
1989年 名古屋三越本店にて第一回個展
1990年 京都にて個展
1993年 同門会愛知支部にて講演「京釜の製作とその見方」
1995年 茶の湯同好会夏期大学にて講演「京釜の生まれるまで」
2000年 茶の湯同好会夏期大学にて講演「芦屋 天明 京釜」
2002年 表千家北山会館定期公演会にて講演「京がま あれこれ」
2008年 長男柾人に三代與兵衛を譲り、二代惣與となる
2017年 86歳にて没す

[三代目 吉羽與兵衛]
1968年 二代 與兵衛の長男として生まれる 本名 柾人
1985年 先代、先々代のもと仕事場に入る
1991年 京都芸術短期大学(芸術学部立体専攻)卒業 茶道美術全般の勉強のため茶道具商へ修行に入る
1994年 先代に師事し家業釜師の修行に入る
2008年 三代 與兵衛を襲名 京都、東京、岡山等、各地で襲名展を催す
2009年 雑誌『PEN』(CCCメディアハウス刊行)に掲載。以降、雑誌・書籍に採り上げられる
2015年 「Kyoto Contemporary プロジェクト」に参加『アトリエ・ド・パリ展』出品
2016年 表千家同門会埼玉県支部「茶の湯文化にふれる市民講座」にて講演(川口総合文化センター・リリア)
2018年 MBS毎日放送『京都知新』#88出演
2019年 資生堂アートハウス『第二次 工藝を我らに』に出品。第二次メンバーとなる