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2021/02/02 11:37

Exhibited at the Kyoto Virtual Design Fair with overseas buyers sponsored by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).



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Yu-wakashi 湯沸


This is a cast-iron kettle. Produced by the same method as chagama, a kettle used in tea ceremony, each yu-wakashi kettle has its own distinctive textured surface created by the traditional hadauchi technique .The yu-wakashi kettle is designed by incorporating modern elements into the traditional chagama style. The round body, which requires special skills to make, the square opening , the handle made of mulberry wood, and the lid made of persimmon wood make this kettle a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. The grip of the lid is a porcelain bird. You can boil water by burning solid fuel inside the stand of the kettle. As the yu-wakashi kettle takes longer to boil than an electric pot, please enjoy the process of water being boiled slowly on the table. You can also put the yu-wakashi kettle directly on an induction cooktop to boil water.Japans traditional symbol of good luck.



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